Freedom Web site applauds libertarianism

Freedom New Mexico

It’s hard to compete with the inauguration of a new president, but Freedom Communications is celebrating an inauguration of our own.

This week, we launched a new political news and commentary Web site — — that aims to take the guiding editorial board principles of this company to the broadest possible audience. We believe the founders of this nation and this company would have loved the Internet, with its endless possibilities for engaging in the battle of ideas.

While the Clovis News Journal and all of Freedom Communications’ daily newspapers long have had an Internet presence, this site is the first one to take a national approach in advancing the political opinions of company founder R.C. Hoiles, whose descendents still control the company.

We wish the Obama administration the best, but are here to remind it that we will be among those who watch its every move. Not that everything revolves around Washington, but every administration — Democrat or Republican — has immense power to do mischief. Our role at is the same as the role we have on the CNJ editorial page: to remind people of the basic truths about government, which should be limited so that individuals have the most latitude to live their lives as they choose.

Many of us who believe in limited government and maximum personal freedom are troubled by what we’ve seen in recent years. It’s not the Barack Obama victory that concerns us, even though the new president — for all his charms — places an unhealthy faith in the federal government. Actually, government has grown rapidly under the previous president, as well as the president before him and the ones before him.

Under both parties, government grows. It just keeps chugging ahead by spending, taxing, regulating. It has grown the most in recent years under the party that uses “limited government” as its rationale for existence.

Too often, Americans forget George Washington’s timeless observation, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” will be there to remind us of these truths, to watch what government officials are doing and to promote the fundamental ideals of liberty against the wiles and designs of both parties.

We hope you check us out every day.