Tax preparations ongoing

Cannon Tax Office

Ending Friday, single individuals or married couples with no children or property can walk in to Cannon’s tax center and have their 1040 EZ tax returns completed by a trained tax preparation volunteer

Bring W2’s, Social Security cards or a copy of last year’s return (No ID cards), direct deposit information (available from MyPay or bring in your checkbook). Also, bring in information about last year’s federal rebate if applicable. You can verify the amount from the following website:

If you do not qualify for this special walk-in call and make an appointment at 784-7304/7701.

Appointments are limited, so call when you have all your required documents.

If you moved to Cannon and did a partial or full DITY move, you will need to wait until you receive that W2. It will be mailed out at the end of January or the first part of February.

Watch, Cannon Connections, the Commander’s Access Channel and the 27 SOW/JA newsletter for information, updates and tax tips. The tax office is located at the legal office building.