Feb. 22, 2009 Letters to the Editor

Shooting woman acted irresponsibly

I find it somewhat amazing that our citizens are making a hero out of the young lady who fired her gun at the potential bad guys breaking into her home (“Clovis woman fires on intruders to defend home,” Feb. 6 CNJ).

The article stated she saw a 12-year-old-boy knocking at her door, then heard someone trying to enter through a door in the back.

This inexperienced gun handler picks up a weapon and fires it wildly through doors and down hallways, scaring the potential bad guys away?

Thankfully she didn’t hit anything but her own walls and doors.

Thankfully she didn’t shoot and kill a bunch of 12-year-old kids.

Thankfully one of her wild shots didn’t hit an innocent person standing across the street.

I hope she enjoys her 15 minutes of fame and, thankfully, it’s not for killing someone.

Connie Belcher