Apology owed to Sooner fans, coach

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ columnist

Some rambling thoughts while wondering if somehow “Star Wars” and “The Wire” could be combined:

• First things first: I was wrong.

In my column last week, I criticized Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops for attending the Duke-North Carolina basketball game when his home school was ranked higher and playing in another city that night.

Attentive Sooners fans sent me information that Stoops was in North Carolina on business, information another few minutes of research would have revealed.

I wanted to make the point that college coaches are often not held to the standards they preach to their players. I still believe that.

However, Stoops was not the person, and the Duke-UNC game was not the place, to make such an argument. My apologies to Stoops and thanks to the Sooners fans who corrected me.

• In other sports news, I was right, but I’m disappointed.

A few weeks ago, while discussing the revelation that Alex Rodriguez used performance enhancing drugs, I had concerns. In a roundabout way, I said the worst part of the steroids era is