March 1, 2009 Library books

The following books are available for checkout at the Clovis-Carver Public Library:

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory presents a new and unique view of Mary, Queen of Scots, in a novel that combines all the suspense, passion, and political intrigue that surrounded one of history’s most intriguing, romantic, and maddening heroines.

Desperate Marriages: Moving Toward Hope and Healing in Your Relationship
by Gary Chapman offers solutions to understand your spouse’s behavior, take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, and make choices that can have a lasting and positive impact on your marriage.

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld mirrors actual life in a novel about a quiet, serious, and unassuming school librarian who fell for a boisterous, charismatic man whose path eventually leads to the White House, thrusting her into a position she did not seek.

The Complete Guide to Your First Rental Property by Teri Clark offers informative case studies that give prospective investors a realistic view of being a landlord, highlights the challenges they face, and explores the potential solutions that will make this form of investing work for you.

The Ultimate Gift
by Jim Stovall centers on Jason Stevens who stands to inherit a multi-billion-dollar fortune from his great-uncle on condition that he completes a yearlong quest of discovery that reveals what is really important in life.

Pointing from the Grave: A True Story of Murder and DNA
by Samantha Weinberg weaves a riveting tale of a 15-year-old crime, a victim who was indirectly responsible for nailing her murderer, and the chemical sleuthing that led to a conviction a decade and a half after the fact.

The Phoenix Endangered
by Mercedes Lackey continues the Enduring Flame fantasy series set in a wondrous world filled with magical beings who are involved in a titanic struggle between good and evil.