3/11 Police blotter

Samplings of recent calls received by Clovis-area law enforcement officers, according to reports:

About noon Feb. 22 an officer responded to a school in the 400 block of Lockwood Drive for a burglary report.

An administrator said a teacher had discovered a window open in her classroom, a computer was stolen and someone had written obscenities on the dry erase board.

A digital camera was also missing.

The officer notified detectives, who took over the investigation.


About noon Feb. 23 an officer responded to a residence in the 400 block of Maple Street for an injured subject.

A man said he was in his bedroom and thought he heard his wife close a door but when he looked into the living room, there was a strange man standing in front of his TV holding a video game.

The resident said he asked the man what he was doing in his house, then grabbed a toy stick and started hitting him.

He said the man pulled a sharp object out of his pocket and started waiving it at him, cut him in the arm and then ran out the door.

The man said he chased the suspect and threw a pipe from the yard at the man, hitting him in the back as he ran down the alley.

The officer noted the 24-year-old had a cut on his arm, abrasions on his face and the living room of the house showed signs of a struggle.

The suspect could not be found in the area.


About 2 p.m. Feb. 23 an officer responded to the 1200 block of Arcinega for a public affray report.

A 56-year-old woman said she was leaving the parking lot when the driver of the vehicle next to her hit her car when she opened her car door.

She said the woman apologized but as she walked away, the woman heard her mumble something and start cussing at her. She said when she exited her vehicle, the other woman started hitting her in the face, so she pulled her hair and hit her back.

The other woman, a 51-year-old, said she apologized for hitting the other woman’s car and started to walk away but the woman got out of her car, grabbed her by the hair and started hitting her.

The officer noted since he couldn’t determine who started the fight, both women would be summoned to municipal court.


About 9 p.m. Feb. 23 an officer responded to the emergency room for a battery report.

The officer noted the 28-year-old patient had dark bruising and swelling on her cheek and eye and had scratches and bruises on her forehead and neck.

The woman said a week before her former boyfriend came into her home and attacked her in the bathroom for no reason.

She said he grabbed her and threw her into the bath tub, beat her, then left.

The officer photographed her injuries but the woman refused to give a domestic violence statement.

The officer noted intent to obtain a warrant to arrest the former boyfriend.

Police blotter is compiled by CNJ staff writer Sharna Johnson. She can be contacted at 763-6991 or by e-mail at: