March 13 Commander's Action Line

I am concerned with the lack of appointments, can you help?

Thank you for bringing your appointment access issues to our attention.

Continuity of care and access for acute needs, especially in our pediatric population, are both challenges we are actively addressing. Since August, 2008 (and even before), we have been in constant communication with AFSOC and AFPC to best posture the Medical Group to meet our current, and growing, beneficiary medical needs.

While Cannon currently has only one pediatrician assigned, our family medicine practitioners are fully credentialed, qualified and trained to care for most pediatric issues as well as a part of their clinical portfolio. In addition, in response to your feedback we have added additional appointments in Pediatrics, and adjusted our providers schedule to include more acute appointment slots.

We continue to evaluate other options to provide increased access and continuity to all our Cannon beneficiaries; it is important that we balance these needs for in-garrison support with the need for training and deployment support by our medical clinic staff.

Access to the right care at the time you need it is important.

Beneficiaries are always welcome to contact the Patient Advocate for the specific duty section concerned if they would like to discuss an issue further, or would like additional follow-up. The Cannon Patient Advocate can be reached at 784-6975. Be confident that we are now, and have been, actively pursuing additional manpower to meet Cannon’s medical needs.