What’s the opposite of being “full of ourselves?

By Curtis Shelburne: Religion columnist

I was seated in an auditorium as the sounds of a soft and gentle voice blended with the beauty of a masterfully played guitar. The music was being sung and played by the same musician, John Michael Talbot. After the concert, I bought his latest album, his fiftieth. Like all of his music, it points to God, to beauty, to worship.

The concert featured songs from throughout Talbot’s long career. Before he played one of his earlier songs, a song decrying the weakness and apathy of God’s people in a world of hurt, a song that was unusually harsh, though true, he stopped for just a moment. With a twinkle in his eye, he smiled, “I was pretty full of myself back then.”

Months later I was watching a video segment featuring longtime professor, writer, and speaker Anthony Campolo. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone better at leading me to thought, laughter, and tears, as he challenges me to