Clovis man critical after bitten by boar

Freedom New Mexico

Lubbock doctors are working to save a 26-year-old Clovis man’s arm after he was attacked Monday by a 900-pound boar he was feeding.

Juan Cruz’ arm was nearly severed at the elbow around 1 p.m. as he was feeding pigs in a pen at a residence in the 1000 block of Curry Road O west of Clovis, Undersheriff Wesley Waller said Tuesday.

Waller said family members drove Cruz to Plains Regional Medical Center. He was later flown to a Lubbock hospital, where doctors performed surgery trying to save his arm.

Cruz was in critical condition Tuesday, Waller said.

The boar, which belonged to a member of Cruz’ family, was destroyed by sheriff’s deputies, livestock inspectors and a local veterinarian, Waller said.

“The animal was deemed to be dangerous and the owner requested that it be destroyed,” Waller said.

Samples from the animal are beng tested for rabies, Waller said.

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