Mayor Brumfield makes first state of the city address

The text of Mayor Gayla Brumfield’s state of the city speech was provided by the city of Clovis:

Infrastructure & Water

In 2008 we saw some restructuring in our Public Works Department.
Mr. Clint Bunch became our Public Works Director and Mr. Justin Howalt
joined us in January 2009 in the newly created position of City
Engineer and the Clovis City Commission looks forward to working with
them in addressing Clovis’ future infrastructure needs. Street projects
completed in 2008 included the reconstruction of the Prince Street GRIP
2 project in the fall of 2008 and the repaving of all the residential
streets between 1st and 7th and Mitchell and Thornton in October 2008
which was achieved through a Community Development Block Grant.

Our infrastructure legislative requests this year include the
widening of Martin Luther King Blvd. between Llano and Riata to improve
access from the north to Plains Regional Medical Center. Obtaining
funding for the Hull Street Overpass following its closure in July 2008
has taken much of our time. We have visited with Governor Richardson,
the NM Department of Transportation and our Congressional delegation
and believe the funding will be there. Rebuilding Hull Street Overpass
is our priority for 2009.

Projects that will be completed in 2009 include the repaving of
Brady Street between Hull Street and Norris and on Norris Street from
Brady to the railroad crossing. The cost for this project is $2.6
million. The North Prince Street sewer line extension is currently
being completed at a cost of $123,000. There will also be a sewer line
extension placed under MLK in 2009.

The South Side drainage project is currently being studied. This
project includes the construction of a storm sewer system which would
have the capacity to capture and transport the storm water runoff
generated per the NMDOT drainage manual. The storm runoff is generated
from an approximate 970 acre watershed area. The current proposed storm
sewer system would commence at Beta St. and run east southeast along
Grand Ave and Mabry Drive. The system would outfall into a channel that
conveys storm water to Ingram Lake. The current estimated construction
cost based off preliminary design is $12 million.

We are currently working to restructure the flood maps issued by
FEMA to remove some of the designated flood plains due to completion of
several drainage projects in the past several years.

The City is preparing to make some $8.5 million in repairs to our
twenty year old Wastewater Treatment Plant to ensure its sustainability
for the next fifteen years. The Water Policy Advisory Board continues
to seek ways to conserve our most precious resource, water and we are
looking at creative ways to conserve water such as our effluent reuse

The Eastern New Mexico Rural Water Authority continues to move
forward toward federal authorization for the Ute Water Pipeline
Project. With Federal, State and Local funding CH2M Hill, the
Authority’s design engineers, are currently working on the design of
the pipeline and continue to work diligently with land owners to secure
easements for the pipeline route. We have gone to Washington DC three
times in the last year to visit with our congressional delegation and
we believe we will have authorization shortly. ENMRWA is also asking
for approximately $25 million from the stimulus package for the
construction of an intake structure at Ute Reservoir.

City Services

City of Clovis’ public service departments continue to provide excellent service to our community.

Police Department

In 2008 the City of Clovis’ Police Department welcomed Police Chief
Steve Sanders. Unfortunately the department was called upon to
investigate three homicides in 2008. Although we are saddened with the
loss of life, we are proud the police department has arrested the
people responsible for committing these heinous crimes. Police
department staff assisted the Curry County Sheriff’s Department in the
apprehension of seven of the eight inmates who escaped from the
detention facility. In July 2008 the city experienced a rash of “home
invasions”. The department participated in a problem solving strategy
which ultimately led to the arrest of several suspects responsible for
these crimes. In March 2008 Lt. Jim Schoeffel graduated from the FBI
National Academy and we congratulate him for completing this leadership
school. The Police Department’s K-9, Ringo, received top honors at the
K-9 Patrol School in Phoenix AZ.

I would like to thank Judge Jan Garrett for her dedication to our Municipal Court.

Each year over 2,400 dogs and cats are euthanized at the Animal
Shelter and the Commission created the Clovis Animal Shelter Task Force
to make recommendations regarding programs to reduce the number of
animals euthanized. As a result of the recommendations the Commission
approved formulating spay & neutering and licensing ordinances in
the hopes of reducing the number of animals euthanized at the Shelter.
In 2009 I would like to see the Animal Shelter Task Force become a
permanent committee to continue working with the City on matters
relating to the animal shelter.

Fire Department

The Fire Department’s construction of a regional training tower at
the Brady Street Fire Station will greatly assist in improving
firefighter training locally. This has been in the works for quite some
time and the Fire Department is very excited to have this here. In 2008
the Clovis Commission approved a new compensation plan designed to
retain and recruit Fire Department and EMT personnel. We have received
very little precipitation over the winter months and our Fire
Department continues to do an outstanding job of dealing with fire
incidents which occur in our community and providing excellent
ambulatory assistance to the public.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Department continues to maintain top
training levels in standing ready to meet any emergency in the
community. Members of the LEPC attended agro-terrorism preparation and
planning meetings and several HAZMAT tabletop exercises were completed
in preparation for a full-scale exercise in 2009. The Clovis/Curry
County Emergency Operations Plan was finalized and approved by Clovis,
Curry County, Texico, Melrose and Grady. Mr. Ken De Los Santos,
Emergency Management Director for the City of Clovis, received the New
Mexico Emergency Manager of the Year award for 2008 and was elected
president of the New Mexico Emergency Management Association.

Division of Older Adults

In the Division of Older Adults, websites for both Baxter-Curren and
the Friendship Center were established last year. A parking lot was put
in at Baxter-Curren Senior Center and a fence installed at the
Friendship Center. Older Adults was able to purchase a 15 passenger bus
with state funding. The Older Adults Division continues to support and
assist with trips for the seniors in our community.

Clovis Area Transit System

Clovis Area Transit System moved into their new facility in January
2008 and a ribbon cutting was held in May. The facility was constructed
with federal and local funds and is a great addition to the downtown
district. In September CATS received five 2008 Glaval 16 passenger
buses with bike racks with funding received from the State DOT. Ms.
Mary Lou Kemp, CATS director, was elected Secretary of the NM Passenger
Transportation Association. We continue to look at the CATS program
going to a fixed route system.

Clovis-Carver Library

Clovis-Carver Library continues to work successfully to get more
adult programming in place at the facility. Through a grant received
from the New Mexico Humanities Council and the Hubbard Foundation,
several Chautauqua programs have been scheduled for the coming months.
Due to large attendance at the Toddler Time program another Toddler
Time was begun in 2008.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life issues remain a high priority for the City and the
Parks and Recreation Department continues to strive to meet the needs
of a growing community. The second phase of the Wellness and Youth
Development project is in progress. The old Play, Inc. facility was
removed in fall 2008 to make way for the construction of the new
facility. The 7th Street pool complex has been renamed the “Clovis
Aquatics Center” and the new locker rooms have been a great benefit to
the facility. The design for the new Wellness Center which will include
a racing pool, therapy pool and fitness rooms are underway and the city
is actively seeking funding to complete this project.

Quality recreational facilities, including walking trails and bike
paths, are integral in encouraging the health and wellness of a
community and I remain committed to seeking funding to facilitate
recreational activities within our community. We continue to work with
different groups to look at our park system to establish walking/nature
trails. There is a committee looking at all our youth activities to
possibly coordinate these activities under a full time director. This
would include different sports and other recreational activities.

Our Civic Center is one of the most used facilities in town. Because
of this facility we are able to have large banquets, cultural arts
series, concerts and many other activities. There is something for
everyone. The Curry County Events Center is the perfect equestrian
facility for events like the High Plains Junior Rodeo, Pioneer Days
Rodeo and Joe’s Boot Shop Calf Roping as well as for concerts and expos.

Our parks, zoo, golf course and sports fields are second to none and
bring in dollars into our area. The City of Clovis Parks &
Recreation Department upgraded and replaced several exhibits at the zoo
as well as adding a pair of female black bears and a new pair of
Marmosets in 2008. They completed the second phase of the Ned Houk Park
Irrigation Upgrade project and the third phase of the Ned Houk Park
paving project and installed a new restroom facility at Bob Spencer
Park. The Parks Department has plans to replace the restroom at Greene
Acres Park this spring. In 2008 our Parks & Recreation Department
received the New Mexico Parks & Recreation Association Award for
Parks/Grounds Maintenance & Facility Design Award for the Baseball

Economic Development

Economic development is the lifeblood for any community. We have
been experiencing some exciting growth since the arrival of the 27th
Special Operations Wing in October 2007 and we are now seeing a lot of
new people moving into our community. Growth is expected at Cannon as
the new squadrons of aircraft including gunships, C-V22s and Predators
arrive over the next few years. To help address the growth at the base,
Clovis, together with the City of Portales and Roosevelt County and
Curry County are continuing to work on the regional growth management
plan. Public hearings on the Regional Growth Management Plan will be
held in April this year and I would like to thank the members of the
Local Growth Management Organization for the many hours of work they
have volunteered to insure our communities are ready to address any
growth issue associated with Cannon.

Clovis Municipal Schools

From the time a new mission was announced at Cannon Air Force Base,
our public schools have been preparing for a 20 to 25 percent increase
in our total student population by the year 2013. A community-wide
committee that was formed to study growth has heard a lot about what
our superintendent calls the two big E’s – Effective and Efficient. The
challenge is to effectively educate our kids with the most efficient
use of tax payer dollars. This committee’s research has led to a
recommendation for a new middle school in Clovis that would create room
for growth in every elementary school by moving 6th graders into a true
middle school setting. This plan would benefit current 3rd graders and
younger students. The district will be holding a series of public
meetings this month to discuss that concept with the community before
the recommendation comes to our board of education.

With another broad-based community group, the district has just
completed a five year strategic plan for addressing the academic,
social, and emotional needs of students in order to achieve the mission
of every student graduating from high school prepared to live
productively and pursue whatever goals the student has set for himself
or herself. As evidenced by such diverse accomplishments as the many
state championships we hold in sports to the trophies we acquire in our
music programs to the 3 million-plus dollars our seniors are offered in
scholarships each year, the Clovis Schools are one of this community’s
strongest assets.

Chamber of Commerce/CIDC

The great relationship the city has with the Clovis Curry County
Chamber and the Clovis Industrial Development Corporation is a perfect
example of how people can work together to achieve great economic
results. Even with the state of the national economy and the loss of
capital markets, our economic development efforts have been very
successful. Several companies over the past couple of years, including
SWC, Mesa Ingredients, SEI Call Center, American Medical Call Center
and others have created approximately 1,000 jobs in our area. There are
several companies looking to expand in our area with renewable energy
such as wind and biodiesel and I believe when the economy stabilizes
and the capital markets are restored these companies will move forward.
The City continues to work with existing companies to help them
continue to be successful, such as SWC with their equipment expansion.

Our Industrial Park is a wonderful investment in our economic future
and many companies have been looking at the park as a potential future
site for their industry. The infrastructure for the site is almost
complete with water, sewer and roads being installed. We are also
working to construct a rail spur at the park which will greatly benefit
potential industry. The estimated cost for the infrastructure
improvements is in the region of $3.5 million.

The Curry County Chamber of Commerce continues to do a great job at
successfully promoting tourism with the Clovis Sound and opening of the
Buddy Holly Museum. 2009 commemorates 50 years since the death of Buddy
Holly and the Chamber is organizing a commemorative Music Festival in
September 2009.

Curry County celebrates its Centennial this year and we want to
congratulate them on their first 100 years. We look forward to joining
the County in the celebrations they have scheduled throughout this
momentous year in their history.

Plains Regional Medical Center is continuing to grow and as a result
of the addition of the healthplex and the cancer treatment center has
become the medical hub for eastern New Mexico and west Texas. They have
recruited several physicians and provided a walk in clinic and I am
confident we will see other growth potentials identified in the very
near future.

Clovis Community College continues to be one of Clovis’ best
resources. The Small Business Development Center, through its planning
programs, helps many businesses get started and/or continue to be
successful. CCC provides training for local businesses which helps our
local economic development. They have an excellent nursing program as
well as other programs for a two year degree. Additionally, CCC
provides outstanding health facilities and exercise programs for the


In 2008 we had a major renovation to the main runway at the Clovis
Municipal Airport. A complete mill off of the old asphalt and an
overlay of new pavement and paint was done. A new connector taxiway has
also been constructed as part of the runway extension program. The
engineering design of the 1800 foot extension is complete and we are
anticipating federal funding to begin construction this spring. Our
Airport will be undergoing a number of changes as a result of the
growth at CAFB. And with the renewal of the US Department of
Transportation contract with Great Lakes Airlines, we have had
discussion with them in hopes that they may be able to provide an
expanded service to Dallas in the not too distant future.

Building Safety

The Building Safety Department had a good year in 2008 with 132 new
residential houses with a value of $37,418,123 being permitted which
was up from last year’s 123 residences. In addition, 24 new commercial
permits were issued with a value of $9,324,538. This year looks to be
an even better year due to the growth at Cannon Air Force Base.

The City of Clovis approved 234 new business licenses in 2008. There
were 624 housing units sold in 2007 with an average price of $124,000
and in 2008 there were 610 housing units sold with an average price of

Beautification & Downtown Revitalization

Keep Clovis Beautiful

One of my campaign goals was to continue to work hard to improve the
appearance of our entryways and other beautification projects. In April
2009 the City will move forward with the creation of Keep Clovis
Beautiful, a committee who will work aggressively on beautification,
trash eradication and graffiti eradication projects. Additionally they
will work on establishing a viable recycling program in our community.
We have taken a first step in our recycling program with the
installation of recycling bins at Wal-Mart, Albertsons and the Clovis
Regional Landfill. Our Trek for Trash and Great American Cleanup events
continue to be a success and we want to continue to encourage Clovis
citizens to take pride in the appearance of their homes and community.
We are also working with Curry County to help improve the entryways
into the city. A Median Committee was established by the County to work
on this and I represent the city on this committee. Our first project
is the landscaping of all the medians between Clovis & Cannon Air
Force Base.

Clovis MainStreet Program

The City of Clovis continues to support Clovis’ MainStreet program
who continue to make strides to revitalize the downtown area. The
installation of the Gateway on south Main in 2008 has greatly improved
the appearance of the area as has the installation of trash bins and
benches on Main Street. In 2008 the City of Clovis and Clovis
MainStreet received funding at federal and state level to remediate the
Hotel Clovis and work at the Hotel will be starting shortly and this is
something we are extremely excited about. We held the first Mayor’s
Ball on New Year’s Eve and the proceeds for this event went towards
downtown revitalization projects.


As you can see, the City of Clovis has accomplished so much over the past year.

As I listen to citizens across our community I hear their concerns
regarding the improvements they feel our city needs. Infrastructure,
quality of life, beautification and youth recreation issues are topics
that everyone agrees needs to be improved. Helen Keller said “The only
thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. Vision is
what creates the passion and commitment in a community. Planning and
action can bring about a synergy, and by working together great things
can be accomplished. I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to the
Clovis City Commission for their continued leadership, enthusiasm and
vision for our community and to city staff for their dedication in
implementing that vision.

As your Mayor, my vision for 2009 includes the following areas:

• Continue to work to rebuild the Hull Street Overpass, complete
scheduled street repaving projects and begin repairs to the City’s
Wastewater Treatment Plant

• Continue to work with the members of the Eastern New Mexico Rural
Water Authority and our state and congressional delegations to obtain
authorization and funding for the Ute Water Pipeline Project

• Continue to work with the Local Growth Management Organization,
the City of Portales, Curry and Roosevelt counties, our Schools and
Community College, to help address the growth of our area primarily
brought about by the expansion at Cannon Air Force Base

• Establish the Mayor’s Council on Quality of Life/Youth Activities
to work with community leaders to address quality of life and youth
recreation challenges in our community

• Continue to work with the Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce
& Clovis Industrial Development Corporation to encourage economic
development and tourism to our community

• Restructure Clovis Pride to “Keep Clovis Beautiful Committee” to
help encourage and promote our beautification and recycling programs to
make our community a safer, cleaner and greener place to live, work and

• Continue to work with the Clovis Animal Shelter Task Force,
non-profit groups and the city to continue to address the needs of the
Clovis Animal Shelter

• Continue to work with Clovis MainStreet to get a contractor for
Hotel Clovis so hopefully we can be back one year from now with Hotel
Clovis being our anchor once more for the downtown district

• During the Linking Arms Linking Lives event last weekend concern
was raised regarding youth activities. A working group has formed to
look at what is available for youth activities including all sport
activities and I would like to address these concerns through the
Mayor’s Council.

In conclusion, by all of us working together we can move Clovis from
Good to Great. There is a quote which says it takes the right people
with the right talent in the right place at the right time to make
things happen. I know that as your elected representatives the Clovis
City Commission and I will continue to work hard in moving Clovis
forward in the right direction.