Pink Ladies establish scholarship with donated inheritance

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Pat McDaniel presented the Pink Ladies Women’s Auxilary with a plaque commemorating Margaret Jones and the scholarship the women’s auxiliary will establish in her name at the organization’s annual banquet Tuesday at the Clovis Civic Center.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

Anyone who knew Margaret Jones knew she was a good cook.

Folks in Clovis stood in long lines to purchase her renowned short bread sold at Pink Ladies Women’s Auxiliary bake sales twice each year.

But now, thanks to an almost $47,000 gift from her estate and a generous niece in England, Jones will be known for something entirely different – a new scholarship.

Known as Peggy to the many friends she made in the 52 years she lived in Clovis, Jones spent her time helping others and making sure their bellies were full by giving away most of what she cooked. If you needed a meal, Jones was there with plenty.

Jones worked as bookkeeper for McDaniel’s Furniture. She spent most of her time outside of the office working with the Pink Ladies Women’s Auxiliary at Plains Regional Medical Center.

Jones was born in Buxton, England, but settled in Clovis by 1947 with her husband Eddie Jones.

When Jones died in 2006, the McDaniels learned she had no will. Pat McDaniel, a close friend as well as employer, found two nephews and a niece living in England. Jones’ estate was divided among the three of them.

But Jones’ niece didn’t feel she deserved her third of the estate. She called McDaniel and told him Jones had loved her friends in the U.S. and Clovis and said they deserved the money.

Jones’ niece donated her third, amounting to almost $47,000, to the Pink Ladies. The money will be used for a Margaret Jones Memorial Scholarship fund through the women’s auxiliary.

“She was a true and loyal member of (the Pink Ladies) for years,” Pat McDaniel said. “She was very involved with them.”

Dorothy Bean, a Pink Lady and friend of Jones’, said the scholarships are befitting a woman who spent her life helping others.

“She was always helping people, wherever she was needed,” Bean said. “She believed in those scholarships.”

Ivana Jones, another friend and Pink Lady, said that Jones was known as a super lady.

“I called her an English rose,” she said. “Because she was.”