First person: Cannon airman represents Clovis in Mrs. New Mexico pageant

Abbey Brown spends her time running, reading and running for Mrs. New Mexico. Courtesy photo

Staff Sgt. Abbey Brown spends her time running, reading and talking to girls and women about how much she enjoys being a wife, mother, and an airman. As Mrs. Clovis running for Mrs. New Mexico, Brown said she wants to celebrate all the facets of a family woman’s life.

New to town: I moved here about four months ago from Boston, Mass. I turned 30 and wanted to get involved in the community. I found the Mrs. Clovis competition and thought it would be fun. I believe that wherever I am sent is home and I want to be involved.

What’s in a name: This competition encompasses all that a Mrs. Clovis is. She’s a spouse, mother, career woman, community player and can wear a bathing suit and look good.

Local funding: I need to raise $4,000. I’m buying everything I need from Clovis businesses, if at all possible. That includes special ordering things if they just don’t have it in the store. If I raise too much money, I’ll donate the excess back into Clovis.

Mentor: I want to let girls and women know they can do everything. I don’t have older kids. One is two and one is three and a half. They can’t take care of themselves. I think it’s important to bring what you can to the community you live in. If you believe you can do it, you can do whatever you want.

Marriage: I like being an ambassador for married women. Marriage has a bad stereotype with it. Marriage is fun. My husband is my best friend.

Relocation: Living in a new place is all about what you make of it. I’ll be here for four years and I’m sure I’ll meet great people and have a great time.

Mental health: I like the prevention aspect of helping people. I’m a mental health tech at the base. We have relationship, parenting, and reintegration classes. We have one called, “How to not marry a Jerk or Jerkette.” People just need to learn how to be good to themselves. I would love to open these classes up to the Clovis community.

On the home front: My husband and I are active military. We’ve survived lots of deployments and (Permanent Change of Station). We have a strong Christian background so we trust in each other and in God. Communication is the key. Not that we haven’t hit our rough patches, but we believe in each other.

Pageantry: A lot of people think pageants are vain. But this is about putting Clovis on the map. It’s a great community and I’m proud to represent it.

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