April 5, 2009 Club notes

Claud Rainy Day Extension club

The Claud Rainy Day Extension club met Feb. 25 with Marcy Kos, Lois Hollinsworth and Lucille Johnson for an enchilada lunch. Eleven other members and guest Crystal Fenstermaker were present.

Ann Carter was elected to finish the term of president Ginger Beck, now teaching weaving and crafts at the university.

Memorials were designated for Annette Taylor’s mother, Dorothy Dunlap, and former member Cicely Kilmer.

Fifteen attended the Ranchavale Club exchange meeting March 17, where games were played and food donated to the needy.

Ten members and guest Gladys Barrett met with Ginger Beck on March 25. Plans were made for April events: a Bowl-a-Thon, ‘Semi-homemade’ leader training, ‘quilted card’ workshop, and international Tasting Dinner. Also the September Cowboys Symposium. The April 8 meeting will be with Lola and Aloha Starbuck.