Pair of printing companies celebrate 80 years in business

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks Randy Holland, owner of Holland’s Clovis Office Equipment, talks with Stacey Martin of Clovis Insurance Center about some possible office supplies Monday at Holland’s.

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer

Two local printing companies spawned from Clovis’ first newspaper are 80 years old.

Holland’s Clovis Office Equipment Co. and City Printing Inc. are the children of The Clovis News, founded in 1907, and were started when the newspaper added commercial printing to its service repertoire by opening a separate print shop in 1929.

From that print shop, an office supply and equipment department were formed.

In 1962, the office supply company became its own entity on the 600 block of Pile Street. It later reintegrated printing into the business in 1971 as Clovis Office Equipment Company, and the Holland family added its name 14 years later.

City Printing Inc., meanwhile, is now located on West Grand.

Randy Holland remembers working for his father at the business when he was 11. He said it has been a family business for as long as he can remember and remembered times his children worked there during summer vacations from school.

While Holland specializes in office equipment, including copiers, fax machines, office furniture, paper goods and specialty items, it also offers full service printing.

Over the years, the addition of computers to the printing process has revolutionized the industry, but it adds a new need for expertise.

“To be able to print from computer instead of lead typeset, it has come a long way. The graphics that are involved with computers today and the output, it’s just high quality,” Holland said.

Technology has allowed the average person to do small jobs themselves, but Holland said businesses such as his family’s still have a place.

“Commercial printing is always going to be there. It’s going to have a need and it’s going to need somebody to take care of it. Because of some of the ways technology has changed, it’s taking care of customer needs more,” he said.

And for David Rael, owner of City Printing Inc., the equipment may change and become more technological — with plates and negatives replaced by small computer chips and monitors — but after almost 50 years experience in printing, the heart of the business is still the same.

“You create something and then you get to produce it because each job takes a little bit of creativity to make it and then when you print it you see it in the finished product,” Rael said. “So it’s kind of the best of both worlds. You sell it and then you get to produce it.”

Rael and Holland are conscious of the history behind their businesses and dedicated to seeing them last as long as possible.

That history, Rael said, tells that, “it’s not a fly-by-night, since it’s been here continuously since 1929.”

Holland said his children, who have expressed interest in medical careers, will likely not carry on in the family business, but “it will be here for a long time, and we’re looking forward to moving into the future too.”