Easter good time for reflection

By Judy Brandon: CNJ religion columnist

This is my favorite season of the year. From a Christian perspective, Easter season is the celebration of the Resurrection Day when Jesus rose from the grave. At this time of year, I gratefully think about the sacrifice Christ made on the cross.

The cross has great significance. For the Christian, it is during the Christmas that we contemplate Christ’s birth. Christ came to earth, born as a baby so he could live among us so we could know him. But at Easter, I think about his resurrection. Without his resurrection, Christmas would mean nothing. If Christ were born as a man and died as a man, he would be as any other man. He would be no different than other good men who have lived but who have died. The resurrection then gives meaning to our life because Christ was the first fruits of the resurrection.

I heard this wonderful story. A young graduate assistant at an Ivy League university sat in a coffee house with his professor of philosophy. The two were having lunch and