First person: Pageant queen proud to represent married women

CNJ photo: Liliana Castillo Noel Hunt is excited about representing married women of new mexico as Mrs. New Mexico because she said married women don’t get enough credit.

Noel Hunt, 22, isn’t working for the first time since she was 15. But her husband still says she has too much to do. As a mother, wife, full-time student at Eastern New Mexico University, and Mrs. New Mexico running for Mrs. United States, she has her plate full.

Second go ‘round: I ran for Ms. Teen Roosevelt County and Ms. Teen Eastern New Mexico when I was 15 and 16. It was a lot of fun, but then I met my husband and had my son and this is the first time I’ve really had a chance to do it again. This will be my last one though. I just wanted to do something different than the things married moms do. I’m not really looking to win it, but if I did it would be great. I’m just excited abut the experience of getting up in front of people and telling them what’s important to you.

Talent on the side: There is not a talent competition for the Mrs. United States pageant, which will happen in Las Vegas, Nevada in July, but if there was one I would sing. I’m a singer in a local band in Portales called Thousand Year Reign.

Diva with stage fright: The band helped rid me of my stage fright. I used to get tunnel vision and just get really nervous. I’d talk and not even know what came out of my mouth. Being on stage with a group really helped me.

Sports and things: I love playing sports. I play softball and volleyball and I like to write songs. Music and sports are a big part of my life. That and spending time with my son. I’d just drop everything to be home with him all the time.

Fundraiser: I love doing fundraisers for people. I love that feeling of helping someone. It says in the Bible to do things for others but do not announce it with trumpets. I like to do things for people just because it helps them.

Credit please: I’m excited to be representing married women from eastern New Mexico. Married women don’t get enough credit. Being a married woman is so much more important than anything else. Married women are such hard workers.

It’s really tough to take care of your kids and family and go to school or work. I give so much credit to married women.