Commission moves ahead with Hotel Clovis proposal

File photo Commissioners unanimously approved a $13 million proposal to turn Hotel Clovis into an apartment complex. The 78-year-old hotel has been closed since closed since 1983 and in city hands since 2004.

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ staff writer

The city of Clovis has owned the Hotel Clovis for nearly five years. City commissioners took less than five minutes to approve its next owner.

Commissioners unanimously approved a request for proposal from Tierra Realty of Taos to renovate the hotel, closed since 1983 and in city hands since 2004.

The project, turning the hotel into an apartment complex, has a cost of $13 million, with $500,000 of that funded by the city.

“This is probably one of the best proposals I’ve seen in 20 years for the renovation of Hotel Clovis,” said David Boswell, the city’s purchasing agent. “That’s a low price to get this project off the ground.”

Contracts aren’t yet drawn up, but the commission approved the request so Stephen Crozier of Tierra Realty could start negotiating with neighboring property owners on his plans.

The hotel is being cleared of asbestos and other hazardous materials, with a May 31 completion deadline. Boswell said the timeline for Tierra Realty includes paperwork finished by July 31, zoning approval by the end of September and leasing of apartments by June 2013.

Discussion on the matter was limited, but Mayor Pro Tem Randy Crowder wanted assurances that contracts would cover the city in case work was not completed. Boswell said the city would be covered in those instances, but Tierra has a good reputation for finishing work and has previous work in the city.

Clovis Mayor Gayla Brumfield said she had confidence in the deal, and said Tierra has received praise from across the state.

The hotel, built in 1931, has been regarded as a city landmark, and at times an albatross for the city’s progress. The city had previously set forth a deadline of 2012 to either demolish the building or have it in a developer’s hands