Meetings watch: Commission approves committee voting power for city manager

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ staff writer

This is a supplemental report on Thursday’s Clovis City Commission meeting:

• Commissioner Fred Van Soelen raised objections on an ordinance
approval and an ordinance introduction, both giving voting status to
City Manager Joe Thomas on separate committees.

Van Soelen said he had confidence in Thomas’ ability as a member of
the Keep Clovis Beautiful and Water Policy Advisory committees. But he
said voting status could put him in a position where he’s tasked to
implement policy he has taken a public stance against. That, Van Soelen
said, would open him up to criticism should a policy decision not
succeed as planned.

Commissioner Bobby Sandoval said whatever stance the city manager
takes, the final stance is to reflect what the commission tells him to

Both measures passed 7-1, with Van Soelen casting the dissenting vote.

• The commission tabled a request from Maria Oliva of Clovis. Oliva
purchased property at 314 S. Lea Street in a state tax sale for $3,500.
However, she believed she was buying property at 314 N. Lea Street,
which had a home for her family. The property she purchased had liens
of more than $11,000 and was an empty lot close to the railroad tracks.

Oliva asked for a waiver of the liens. Van Soelen said the
commission was sympathetic to her ordeal, but she would be better off
first contacting an attorney to see if she could void the sale

• The commission approved a governmental liquor license at the Curry County Special Events Center.

• The commission approved a pair of street closures — Davis and
Second Street during limited hours May 1-3 for an Our Lady of Guadalupe
Church fiesta, and Main Street between Seventh and Eighth streets from
11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. May 7 for National Day of Prayer.

• Commissioners approved a task order with Camp Dresser McKee for
$205,180 to study drainage patterns for development of a letter of map revision. The letter will be submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding drainage improvements not noted in FEMA’s flood insurance rate maps.

— Kevin Wilson