April 26 Letters to the Editor

Freedom New Mexico

Defending U.S. journalist hypocrisy

Your April 17 editorial regarding the unjust detention of reporter Roxana Saberi in Iran certainly stirred strong feelings. “Snatching U.S. citizens from the streets and filing bogus charges against them” is infuriating.
Then I realized that my country has been engaged in similar behavior for the past eight years and had additionally followed a policy of holding people without any charge and, even worse, subjecting them to torture.
Poor Saberi, abused by Iran and betrayed by her own nation painting a target on her back with our unethical behavior. Will the world be impressed by your angry protest or just think us hypocrites?
Maybe your next editorial could hold forth on the nuances of “karma” — how what goes around inevitable comes around? You could even toss in a few remarks about people who live in glass houses.

Charles J. Plath

Criminals deserve stronger punishment

When will the judicial system of this country start punishing murderers, rapists and child molesters accordingly?
I am sick and tired of seeing innocent men, women and especially children being treated as though their lives mean less than the ones that destroy them and their families.
I don’t want to hear it is cheaper to keep a murderer in prison for life than it is to execute them.
Answer me this: How much would it take to go to your local hardware store and purchase some wood and some rope?
I know you just gasped at the thought of what I am insinuating, but you can’t sit back and tell me that if one of your loved ones was brutally murdered, viciously raped or cruelly molested that it wouldn’t give you a warm tingly feeling inside to see the monster hanging by his neck.
I guarantee you the crime rate in this country would drop dramatically if done so.

Andrew Antkowiak Jr.