April 29 Police Blotter

Samplings of recent calls received by Clovis-area law enforcement officers, according to reports:

About midnight April 11 an officer responded to a residence in the 1000 Colonial Parkway for a public affray.

A male walking in the area told the officer there was a party at a nearby house.

Officers went to the door of the house and could see large amounts of alcohol in the residence and heard one of the occupants telling the others it was the police and not to answer the door.

One of the occupants opened the door and one male, then another ran out the door.

Officers chased and caught them and arrested them for evading an officer. Two others at the party were found to have outstanding warrants.


About 4 a.m. April 11 an officer responded to a business in the 3000 block of Prince Street for a narcotics report.

A clerk said she found a bag of white, powdery substance on the floor near the entrance of the store but didn’t see who dropped it.

The officer identified the substance as methamphetamines and logged it into evidence.


About 10 p.m. April 11 an officer responded to the emergency room of the hospital in the 2100 block of Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard for a suspicious situation.

A dispatcher said a female called to report a 15-year-old had fallen and injured her genitalia but the dispatcher became suspicious because she could hear a male voice in the background dictating the story to the caller.

The officer met with the teen and her father at the hospital. Her father said she was trying to get into the house and slipped on a windowsill, causing a straddle injury.

A nurse later told the officer the girl had disclosed she was raped by a teen male the night before.

A detective was called.


About 11 p.m. April 11 an officer responded to an undisclosed residence for a report of a public affray.

The officer observed five males standing in front of the residence and two males in the doorway.

The officer spoke with the males in the doorway. The adult male said his son had been receiving threatening text messages from a group of guys that wanted to fight him and had told him to meet them at a construction site.

The man said he went to the meeting place and told the boys to leave his son alone and when one of them “smarted off,” he said he grabbed him by the shirt to make a point and told the boys to leave them alone.

The man said he returned home and discovered the group of boys had followed him, so he grabbed a baseball bat and told the boys to leave.

The boys told the officer they had followed the man home to talk to him and peacefully resolve the situation.

The officer noted intent to discuss the incident with the district attorney’s office.

Police blotter is compiled by CNJ staff writer Sharna Johnson. She can be contacted at 763-6991 or by e-mail at: sharna_johnson@link.freedom.com