Board of Education members approve strategic plan, hold off on third-party review

The Clovis Municipal School’s strategic plan dominated a special Board of Education meeting Tuesday at the CMS administration building:

• Board member Mark Lansford asked Deputy Superintendent Ladona Clayton about specifics on silent audits and cultural training.

The silent audit outlined in the plan calls for a third party to visit school campuses posing as a citizen. The decoy would report on how staff treated and informed the visitor.

Lansford said silent audits should not be limited to school buildings, particularly since administrative offices likely receive more correspondence than most individual school sites.

He also asked Clayton who had oversight on the information.

Clayton said she believed that information would go to Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm.

Lansford said the board should be able to conduct its own silent audit of Seidenwurm, a point to which Seidenwurm agreed.

Best said audits should also be done on communication not done in person, such as the Clovis High School switchboard or the district’s Web site.

Clayton said cultural competency training covered potential conflicts that could arise due to a different experiences. For example, she said, some cultures teach children it is disrespectful to make eye contact and others teach the opposite.

Lansford said some wording on silent audits needed to be changed. Board members voted to approve the rest of the plan and table the silent audit section.

• Cannon Air Force Base Liason Lt. Col. Mark Brown said the base expects to receive about 350 additional personnel over the summer. He added that while Cannon Commander Col. Tim Leahy and his more immediate supervisor, Col. Babette Lenfant of the 27th Operations Mission Support Group, are moving on he should be in the liason position for at least another year.

• Board members approved adding ninth graders to a risk survey done annually by the school.

Rhonda Sparks, health services director for CMS, said the survey is given to one randomly selected class in the seventh and eighth grade for one class period. Parents could opt their children out of the survey.

• The board voted on a pair of actions to fix a mistake in the district’s fixed asset inventory.

Chief Financial Officer Jose Cano said the finance department was informed it no longer had to keep track of assets less than $5,000.

After the board removed those items from the list — more than 3,000 items totaling more than $5.6 million — Cano said he was informed that rule only applied to “old” items— “old” defined as before July 1, 1978.

All items were added back to the inventory by rescinding the previous action, restoring 1,670 items worth $3.144 million.

The board voted again to exclude “old” items — 1,357 items worth $2.476 million.