May 8 Menus

The Landing 11 a.m.:

Friday: Beef brisket, baked fish and fried fish

Monday: Chef’s choice

Tuesday: Swedish meatballs and baked chicken

Wednesday: Carved roast beef and roast turkey

Thursday: Spicy ribs and chicken lo mein

Whispering Winds 11 a.m.:

Friday: Fish plate

Monday: Meatloaf

Tuesday: Fried chicken

Wednesday: Barbecue beef

Thursday: Chicken fried steak

The End Zone 11 a.m.:

Friday: Shrimp chef salad

Monday: Hawaiian grilled chicken sandwich

Tuesday: Spaghetti and meatballs

Wednesday: Southwestern chicken wrap

Thursday: Green chili cheeseburger

Cannon Lanes 11 a.m.:

Friday: Chicken fried steak

Monday: Barbecue basket

Tuesday: Sub sandwich

Wednesday: Green chili stew or chicken nuggets with fries

Thursday: Lasagna