Fugitive Klinker arrested while watching movie

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer

A Missouri man wanted on a federal fugitive warrant didn’t get to finish watching the newly released “Star Trek” movie in Clovis on Monday.

For the second time in a month, the Curry County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jerry Klinker on the same warrant, this time as he sat in a Clovis theater around 3 p.m.

Klinker, 40, is accused of child rape and receipt of stolen property.

He was first arrested April 8 in Clovis, at the home of Clovis Christian School Superintendent Steven Schultze, where Klinker had been living.

Klinker was extradited back to Missouri on April 23 and was booked into jail there on some county warrants, but not on the federal fugitive warrant that was issued by the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Undersheriff Wesley Waller said.

“The facility had failed to also serve him with the felony rape warrants and he was released after he was booked,” Waller said.

An alert was issued Monday morning by St. Louis police after they discovered Klinker had been erroneously released.

The sheriff’s office contacted people in Clovis who knew Klinker and learned he had flown back to to the area and was picked up at the airport by Schultze, Waller said.

Deputies found the vehicle Klinker was driving parked at the theater and located him inside watching “Star Trek.”

He was arrested without incident.

Klinker is being held on a $300,000 cash only bond and is awaiting extradition back to Missouri.

Following Klinker’s first arrest, deputies investigated to determine if Schultze, the school superintendent, had any knowledge that Klinker was a fugitive wanted by law enforcement when he allowed him to live in his home.

Schultze was later cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by police.