Obama to hold town hall at Rio Rancho HS

The Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE — President Obama will hold a town hall Thursday at Rio Rancho High School, where he is expected to discuss his efforts to stop credit card companies from taking advantage of consumers.

Obama used his weekend radio and Internet address to outline proposed reforms. He challenged congressional leaders to send him legislation to enact the changes, but the banking industry is resisting.

“Americans know that they have a responsibility to live within their means and pay what they owe,” Obama said Saturday. “But they also have a right to not get ripped off by the sudden rate hikes, unfair penalties and hidden fees that have become all too common.”

Details of the president’s visit were released Sunday. He plans to fly into Albuquerque aboard Air Force One late Wednesday, then attend the Thursday town hall in Rio Rancho from 10 a.m. to 11:15.

It will be his first trip to New Mexico since his election last fall. He won the state’s five electoral votes.

“New Mexicans continue to get signals about how important they are and how important it is for the administration to connect with Main Street,” New Mexico Democratic Party chairman Brian Colon said.

Colon cited the president’s initiative on credit card regulations as the kind of issue that affects everyday people.

For example, Colon said consumers who get rules revisions in the mail from credit card companies can be confused by pages of information — often in fine print that is difficult to read.

“The president wants to make sure you won’t need a magnifying glass to know what the credit card company is doing,” Colon said.

The White House said space in Rio Rancho is limited. Tickets are available but members of the public who are interested in attending must apply through a Web site or telephone number, and spaces will be randomly assigned.

Those chosen will be notified with additional details. Tickets are not for sale or resale.

Obama’s arrival and departure events at Kirtland Air Force Base are not open to the public.

Those interested in applying for tickets:


(505) 896-5640