Bad judgment or Christian charity? CCS boss under fire

Freedom New Mexico

Clovis Christian Schools Superintendent Steven Schultze has made some questionable decisions in recent weeks.

First, he allowed a suspected child rapist to live in his home with two young children. Then, after the suspect was arrested and mistakenly released by law officers in Missouri, Schultze continued his association with the man. He picked Jerry Klinker up at the airport on May 9 after he returned from the Midwest and again allowed him to stay in his home for two days. That’s when Clovis police learned of the mistaken release and rearrested Klinker.

We’ve heard the outrage from concerned citizens, questioning the judgment of a man who oversees 235 students at Clovis’ largest private school and demand immediate termination. This second incident indeed raises serious questions about Schultze’s judgment.

At the same time we caution the general public who have demanded Schultze step down or be fired immediately to let the process play out naturally. First, the full story about Schultze’s relationship with Klinker isn’t known — he’s declined multiple media interview requests to tell his side of the story. And Schultze has not been charged with a crime. Police have said they do not suspect him of criminal wrongdoing.

The details most certainly will surface shortly. When they do, then Schultze will have to abide by any decision his private employer will make about his job status. Only then should the questions and questions about Schultze’s judgment be weighed by the school’s board of directors with input from its students’ parents.

The concern about Schultze’s judgment arose when law officers initially suspected Schultze was knowingly harboring the fugitive Klinker and seized his school computer. While police found no evidence that Schultze knew warrants had been issued for his roommate’s arrest, the concern was compounded when it was learned he was again housing Klinker and picked him up at the airport. That seems foolish at best and stupid at worst. Why revisit the well where the water smells tainted?

Sure, Jesus instructed his followers to care for lost sheep. And it may be a plausible link for the leader of a Christian school to help someone who desperately needed help. Not many people are willing to open their homes to suspected child rapists, after all.

But Schultze did. And his fate now rests with Clovis Christian School’s board of directors and the parents of the school’s students.