Meetings watch: Commission approves preliminary budget

This is a supplemental report on Thursday’s Clovis City Commission at the Clovis-Carver Public Library:

• The city approved a preliminary 2009-10 budget of $35.68 million.

The state requires a preliminary budget be sent before June 1. Don Clifton, the city’s finance director, said the preliminary total leaves out many items, including grant programs and the Clovis Civic Center’s operating budget.

This year’s city budget, Clifton said, is about $59 million, following a preliminary budget of $33.1 million submitted last May.

• Commissioners approved work Nanci Jane Goodwin of Iris Arbor Corp. was doing for four acres of land she plans to purchase from the city northeast of North Plains Mall.

The land was acquired nearly a decade ago by the city for drainage purposes.

Goodwin was asked to update the commission on progress in about 60 days.

• The commission approved a Complete Count Committee to raise awareness and educate the public regarding the 2010 Census.

Mayor Gayla Brumfield said the city had a similar committee in 1999, and the committee would be worth the effort if a higher census count delivers new businesses to the area.

“We don’t want to make up people,” Brumfield said, “but we want to make sure everybody’s counted.”

The committee would include, city and county officials.

• Larry Jones Sr. was appointed to the Parks and Recreation board, and established the Keep Clovis Beautiful Committee, with many of the 13 members still to be named.

• Maria Oliva of Clovis was granted a partial waiver on liens attached to a piece of property she bought at a state tax sale in March.

Oliva came to the commission previously and said she believed she was buying a house on 314 N. Lea Street but purchased an empty lot on 314 S. Lea Street. The lot, purchased for $3,500, included liens for $10,785.

The item was previously tabled, and commissioners advised Oliva to contact an attorney to see if she could get out of the purchase. She said after consulting an attorney, she decided to keep the property and offered $500 in lieu of the complete lien payment.

• June’s commission meetings were rescheduled to allow city officials to focus their attention on a three-day visit from the state’s Legislative Finance Committee

The committee is coming to the Clovis Civic Center on June 3-5. The meeting agenda includes presentations on various state program reviews and numerous updates from local government and school officials.

The meetings, normally scheduled for the first and third Thursday of each month, will instead be June 11 and 25.