May 22 Commander's Action Line

Is the base planning on converting the 18-hole golf course to a 9-hole golf course to make more room for construction?

Thank you for your question. Cannon is certainly poising itself to make use of all available space to accommodate the tremendous growth we expect here. That being said, we are not planning to convert the 18-hole golf course to nine holes to accommodate such growth.

In fact, we’ve seen a steady increase in use of the golf course in the last three years. In just this year alone, we’ve already served more than 19,000 golfers who’ve played more than 8,000 rounds of golf. In 2008, Cannon served nearly 66,000 golfers, who played about 16,000 rounds of golf. According to the golf course flight chief, the majority of golfers playing at Cannon play all 18 holes rather than just nine. Also, when they do play only nine holes, golfers don’t seem to have a preference for the first or the second nine holes.

Thanks again for your question. We are in a time of great change at Cannon and are happy to accept suggestions to improve how we do things as well as answer questions to quell rumors and address concerns.

Could you please post more photos of base housing and floor plans on the Cannon AFB Web site? It would help newcomers before arrival.

Welcome to Cannon Air Force Base! There are several ways a military member can obtain information on their new assignment: through the Air Force Portal (, Cannon public Web site (, Automated Housing Referral Network ( and by calling the housing office directly at (575) 784-2983.

Once a military member applies for housing and the application is received, the housing office will e-mail an AF Form 1747 that states rentals may be viewed on and obtain information about base housing on the Cannon Web site as well as through the Air Force Portal Web site.

The Air Force Portal, and now the Cannon Web site in the “Base Housing” section at have housing information to include floor plans. The military member can also set up a user account in the AHRN program and will receive an e-mail 90 days (and every 30 days thereafter) before their departure explaining the different areas to obtain housing information.

Thank you for your question. Our goal is to make your transition to Cannon as easy as possible.

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