Gosselins need empathy, not judgment

By Anita Tedaldi: Cannon Connections columnist

A record-breaking 9.8 million viewers watched the TLC hit show “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” season premiere, on Monday night. If you don’t know Jon and Kate Gosselin, they are the stars of a reality television series about their family of eight children — a set of twins and a set of sextuplets.

As of late, the couple has been in the tabloids because of their marital problems and alleged infidelities. I didn’t follow the series in previous years, and despite the buzz around the first episode I didn’t watch it because, aside from not having a lot of time, I didn’t want to see the unfolding of a marriage on television.

It’s sad to see the dissolution of a family regardless of whether it’s on a screen or not. I know, Jon and Kate invited cameras in their own lives, and made lots of money with the show, but I don’t think they thought their marriage would have collapsed while viewers watched. It seems wrong to enjoy their struggle as entertainment.