Material goods inconsequential to God

By Judy Brandon: CNJ columnist

Sometime ago I viewed a documentary entitled “The In Crowd and Social Cruelty.”

The report addressed the problem of bullying and American children. For some reason, kids seem to dish out abuse to those less accepted. Many adults today have been the brunt of bullying behavior. On the other hand, some have been guilty of bullying others.

But this documentary was unusual in that it was about teenage girls and the type of bullying they engage in. The experts contended that boys’ bullying is physical in nature. Yet, the experts noted that girls bully with something that is far more subtle.

They contend adolescent girls bully one another by using emotional abuse. For instance, there is the popular girl who already has the loyalty of all her followers. If she decides to bully someone that day, she may have all her group not speak to someone. Or she may have the followers in her group, whisper and laugh at the girl that is targeted. Or she may have a member of her group ostracize a girl by not sitting with her in the cafeteria or by not including her in the Friday night get-together.

As I watched that documentary I thought about adults. Are adults much different?

In fact, I heard some ladies talking one time about a certain woman who wanted to be part of their “group” and they never invited her because “she was not their kind.”

Do adults still have little groups or organizations that ostracize others on the basis of money, social class and status? Do we will have groups that look down on others because of certain “acceptance” standards that are conjured up by the favored few? I thought as I watched that documentary those girls are not the only culprits. Adults can be savvy and effective at emotionally bullying one another.

The question has to be asked: Are we any more special to God because we think we are more beautiful those others? Does God view us any differently because we have a certain status or have a certain amount of money? Does God categorize on the basis of popularity and social status?

The good news is that the Lord has no “In” Crowd.” He knows all our minds and hearts well. To him, it makes no difference what our status in society or the amount in our checkbook. He does not size us up by looks or by success achieved by worldly standards. He does not care what side of town we claim home or if our home in fact is just a modest little abode. To him, it makes no difference. The things that are important to us here on earth — status, money, appearance — are inconsequential to God.

Paul wrote the Corinthians: “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and