Curry jail escapee sentenced

A Clovis man who escaped from the Curry County jail last August was sentenced Friday to more than nine years in prison.

As part of a plea agreement, Michael England, 30, was sentenced to four years in prison for escaping from the jail and got another five and a half years for tampering with evidence in a 2007 homicide.

England pled guilty to charges he destroyed a gun used in the shooting death of second-hand store owner Emmett Salisbury.

England was captured in Clovis in October, nearly two months after escaping from the jail with seven other inmates.

The group gained access to a plumbing shaft with a stolen key and used handmade tools to cut through the roof of the jail.

All but one of the escapees were eventually captured.

Edward Salas, a 25-year-old convicted child killer, remains at large.