We are all notable in God’s Eyes

By Judy Brandon: CNJ columnist

I was cleaning out some old files the other day and came across copies of student cookbooks that I accumulated while teaching at Clovis Community College.

Over the years I came in contact with scores of students, all different ages and from many parts of the country. So get to know more about each student, I came up with an unusual assignment.

Each semester I asked every student to bring a favorite family recipe. They were also to write some information denoting their family’s ethnicity and origins and who in their family was responsible for the recipe. In addition they were to tell something about themselves, an interesting experience or fact that would identify their uniqueness. At the end of the semester, the recipes were complied into one big recipe book to give to all the students.

Over the semesters I received many marvelous recipes. The titles told something of the students’ backgrounds. One young man presented a recipe from his grandmother who grew up in poverty in the 1920’s in New York City. The recipe was named