Competitive equals

Freedom New Mexico: Liliana Castillo Cannon softball left fielder Desiree Cannon softball left fielder Desiree Anderson put her full force into the ball Saturday during the fourth inning of the team’s game against Coronitas Mas Fina at Bob Spencer Field.

By Clarence Plank: Freedom New Mexico

All sports have a high level of competitive play a player must achieve, be it baseball, football or softball.

The age old question: Man vs. woman, which is more competitive? Men’s or women’s softball?

Several competitors at the 26th annual Plateau Wireless Custom
Classic softball tournament — a nearly around-the-clock event this
weekend in Clovis — offered their opinions:

Eric Stoddard of Clovis says he believes both are the equal when it comes to competitiveness.

“You know along the way that society has changed,” Stoddard said.
“Where women used to be at home raising children and cooking, now
they’re in the workforce. They just caught up I guess, along with

Eric’s brother, Keith Stoddard of Clovis, said it’s because guys
playing are friends with women, have girlfriends or are married and
they play together. Eric and Keith play softball for the Warthogs.

“Some of the guys have friends and then all the wives of the players and they formed their own team,” Keith said.

Laura Sandoval said both sports are the same, but different in how men and women react to a game.

“The girls get more into it,” The Bovina native said. “The guys get
rough. Or when they are losing by so many points, they get mad and
start to argue with the other team.”

Sandoval said women are not concerned about losing by a lot of points, but continue to play the game.

Sandoval’s team, Krazee Pitches, was knocked out of the
double-elimination tournament. But she hung around because a lot of her
friends and their teams are still alive.

Sandoval said the reason she likes to play softball is so she can set a good example for her children.

“They play baseball and I try to get them out so they can see my
example,” Sandoval said. “Nowadays, there are a lot of things children
have to go through.”

The tournament wraps up this afternoon.