Organizer: Border Town Days ‘hometown thing’

CNJ file photo Border Town Days will start at 10 a.m. Texico time (11 a.m. in Farwell).

Freedom New Mexico

The annual Border Town Days isn’t a huge event, organizers say. It’s more like a family barbecue — with two really big families.

The communities of Texico and Farwell, which share the Texas-New Mexico border, will celebrate the last weekend of July as they have for the last 43 years — with a parade and entertainment starting at 10 a.m. Texico time (11 a.m. in Farwell).

The Border Town Days gathering started as a spin-off of a rodeo event in Bovina, but took on its own identity in years following.

Mike Pomper, committee chairman for the event, said local musicians play, and there is a parade and rides for the children.

Though some former Farwell and Texico residents will travel for hours to attend, Pomper insists the event isn’t a huge hoopla.

“It’s a hometown thing. We don’t try to publicize it a lot because it’s a very friendly thing. It’s just a community celebration.”