Money for Hull Street Overpass replacement expected in October

Freedom New Mexico

It’s still a waiting game for the replacement of the Hull Street Overpass.

The approximate $6.5 million, a combination of State Transportation Improvement Program and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money, will not be completely available until Oct. 1.

City Engineer Justin Howalt said the intent is to time bids to come in when the money comes in.

“We’re hoping to get bids back in early October,” Howalt said. “So we’ll probably be advertising late August, early September.”

Officials with the state department of transportation did not return calls regarding the availability of project money.

The overpass was closed at the end of June 2008, and was later torn down. The Prince Street Overpass, the overpass on N.M. 467 and Martin Luther King Boulevard have combined to handle the traffic diverted — more than 4,300 vehicles daily, by city estimates.