Letters to the editor: Local crime not reported on justly

Being a Clovis resident, and having lived here for over 33 years, I have long known there was more crime committed in the city than was reported in the local newspaper.

Granted, we read in the paper about murders (on the occasions when they happen), but other than that, one seldom reads anything in the paper regarding all the other criminal activity going on, with the exception of the piddly stuff listed in the “Police blotter” and an occasional store robbery.

I think readers have a right to know about all the other crime being committed in our neighborhoods so we can take precautions necessary to protect ourselves. I am thinking specifically about things like robberies, breaking and entering, etc.

I learned recently that a friend of mine had his house broken into while he was gone and it was looted of many valuables like jewelry and his guns. But I know for a fact this crime will not be reported in the local paper. Why?

That is my question.

Doesn’t anyone think the people who live in his neighborhood have the right to know this so they can increase their vigilance and maybe take the proper precautions to protect themselves from these criminals? Who will bear the responsibility if and when a home is broken into and someone is killed in the process because they weren’t armed with the knowledge this was going on in their neighborhood?

Over the years, I have heard from friends of many home robberies and cannot recall ever reading about one in the local newspaper. People have a right to know.

Are the local reporters really doing their jobs?