Several recent daytime home burglaries in Clovis

Over the last several weeks there have been several reported home burglaries during daylight hours while people are gone to work or out of town.

The burglary suspects are going to the front door and knocking or ringing the doorbell to see if anyone is home and if they get no reply, they are going around to the back doors of the homes and forcing entry through the back doors of the homes. We have had several reports of people answering the door to people asking if they need their lawn mowed, but no vehicle or lawn mower is in sight. We believe this to be a made up story as to why the person is at their front door. The burglary suspects may be using some other excuse as to why they are at your door. We are asking that citizens please call the police department when you have such people come to your home during the day with suspicious reasons for knocking at your door or if you see people going into alley ways or around your neighbors home that you do not recognize. One suspect has been described as a Hispanic male with spiked dark hair, in his late teens to early 20’s in age, riding a black bicycle.