Child TV star visits Clovis

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo According to Jim’s Taylor Atelian, left, and Kendall Brumfield, both 14, met at a dance class in Santa Barbara, Calif.

By Liliana Castillo: Freedom New Mexico

Kendall Brumfield visits her grandmother Gayla Brumfield in Clovis each summer. This year, she brought along a friend.

Taylor Atelian played Ruby on ABC’s “According to Jim” television series for eight years. Brumfield and Atelian met at a dance class in Santa Barbara, Calif. two years ago.

Brumfield said Atelian has spent the week with the family and she considers her another grandchild.

“She definitely got to see small town America,” Brumfield said.

Brumfield said she took Atelian to Sonic, Taco Box, Twin Cronies and the Curry County Fair to name a few sites.

Atelian, 14, said she wanted to be like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as a child.

“I asked my mom and she said no,” Atelian said. “I kept asking and kept asking and then she drove me down to Los Angeles and I got an agent.”

A few auditions later, Atelian had booked “According to Jim” at age 6. Atelian said she is nothing like her character Ruby on the show.

“She’s very follow the rules, doesn’t talk back. She wears turtle necks, kind of childish and very conservative,” Atelian said. “I’m a normal teenage girl.”

Atelian said she’s enjoyed Clovis because of how different it is from Santa Barbara.

“It’s so small and homey and everyone is so welcoming,” Atelian said. “I always thought Santa Barbara was a small town until I came here.”

Kendall Brumfield said people always expect Atelian to act like her character.

“She’s a lot different than people think. She’s down to earth and not afraid to be herself,” Brumfield said.