Letter to the editor: Politicians elected to serve people

Politicians elected to serve people

I detest polarized politics.

The fact that virtually all the Republicans vote against a Democrat bill and vice versa is terrible.

Political parties and their elected representatives are supposed to serve their constituents — not their party — and this is exactly what is happening at the Town Hall meetings.

Democrats who pander to Obama and his party line are being shouted off the stage. This is exactly what should happen regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican is on the hot seat.

I fully expect a recurrence of 1994 when senators and representatives who had served as long as 20 years bit the dust. If I were a senator or representative right now, I think I would either listen to my constituents or plan to seek another line of work in 2011. If it means stepping across the aisle so be it.

The system works. This is the way it was designed to be.

I’m glad.