Meetings watch: City commission approves ‘wish list’ budget

The Clovis City Commission met Thursday night at the Clovis-Carver Public Library’s north annex.

The following items were included in the consent agenda — items approved unanimously without discussion:

• Recommendations from City Manager Joe Thomas for “wish list” budget changes for the fiscal year 2010 budget.

From an available pool of about $673,000, Thomas identified 12 purchases totaling $380,418 — including a truck purchase loan and roof repairs for the Clovis Fire Department ($160,000 and $39,000, respectively), dispatch consoles for the Clovis Police Department ($180,000), ceiling projectors for the Clovis Civic Center ($7,000) and $200,000 for the city’s recycling program.

The changes leave $293,000 left in cash reserves for commissioners to consider two pages of additional requests.

• A water survival training class for the National Guard. Up to 60 guardsmen would attend the seven-hour class on a Sunday (most likely Nov. 11) — when the pool is normally closed to the public.

The National Guard will handle insurance, while the city will provide $921.64 for pool fees and employee wages.

• $59,486.58 to pay for renovation of lighting at the Clovis Aquatic Center to meet New Mexico Environment Department regulations.

• A final invoice for paving on Schepps Boulevard, totaling $74,905.87. The total, previously budgeted through capital outlay, was $3,438.87 more than the original estimate. That difference will come from cash reserves.

• Awarding a landfill compactor bid to Al-jon for $154,600, to be paid through $155,000 in capital outlay previously budgeted for the item.