Commander’s Action Line

When I PCS to Cannon, will I have to store my firearms at the Base Armory or will I be allowed to store them in my personal Gun Safe? Also, I have my Concealed Weapons permit so how will that work if I’m required to keep my pistol in the armory? Will I need to stop by the armory on my way out and then once I return to the base?

Thank you for your inquiry into our firearm regulations. All Cannon AFB housing residents, to include Chavez Manor/Chavez Manor West, 801 Portales and 801 Clovis, must register all firearms with the Security Forces Armory. Base housing residents must complete the registration process within 10 duty days after taking possession of a firearm, including receipt of household goods shipment. However, storing Privately Owned Weapons at the Base Armory is not the only option. Personal weapons and ammunition stored at home should always be secured in an appropriate container with tamper-resistant mechanical locks. These weapons should have a safety device, such as a trigger lock, installed to prevent access by children or unauthorized individuals. Individuals who have a concealed carry license are not permitted to carry a concealed weapon on the installation.

Finally, all persons entering CAFB must notify the Installation Entry Controller when transporting privately owned weapons onto the installation. These weapons should be transported directly to and from the Installation Entry Point to either your family housing unit on base, 27th Special Operations Security Forces Squadron Armory, firing range, Rod and Gun Club or sanctioned event location only. Weapons are to unloaded and placed in the trunk, behind the seat or in the bed of a truck. Additionally, the weapon and the ammunition must be separated and out of the reach of the driver and cannot be stored in the vehicle.

If you are staying in lodging, you must store all firearms in the security forces armory immediately upon arrival.