Organizer: Friday procession just the beginning

CNJ staff

Sean Ferriera said Friday’s Jump Up was a good beginning.

Ferriera organized the four-hour praise parade that played Christian music as a group of about 60 marched around Second and Pile Streets — six days after the city commission approved the parade with several restrictions.

Ferriera said the event got a slow start when city employees didn’t finish blocking off streets from Sixth to Grand on Pile until 5:40 p.m. The event was scheduled to begin at 5:15 p.m.

Over all, Ferriera said, it went well. He said everyone present was “very amped up.”

“The idea of going to the streets is very Biblical. The church has strayed so far so in this day and age, some people think it’s crazy to go out and praise God,” he said. “But that’s where it started from.”

Ferriera said the event is the first of many for him.

“I’ve learned a lot from this one event. I’ve also learned a lot of ways to improve it from that one time. And I only had six days to organize and promote it. If it wasn’t for God, it wouldn’t have gotten done,” he said.

Ferriera said the majority of the attendees marched throughout the entire event.