New look: Clovis police vehicles getting new decals

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks Didi Sotelo of Master Trim applies a new decal Wednesday to a Clovis police vehicles. All 51 police vehicles will receive new decals.

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer

Clovis police vehicles are getting a brand new look and the goal is a more professional image.

The department has already put the first of what will be a total facelift of its fleet cars into service, Chief Steve Sanders said.

Sporting black and gold stripes and a large image of the department’s badge on the front quarter panel, the color scheme was selected by police personnel, he said.

Over the years, the predominately blue stripes on department vehicles have been created by different companies at different times.

But different manufacturers made for variations in color. Additionally, many of the vehicle’s decals were peeling and cracking.

Sanders said selecting a new image for the department’s irregularly and aged vehicle decals began in January.

His goal is a more professional image.

“We have such a smorgasbord of fonts and colors,” Sanders said.

“When we took on this project, it was decided that we would go after cleaning them up and making them all look the same.”

Asking for personnel suggestions, Sanders said he received about 51 ideas from his staff of 90 for the fleet’s new look. Those where whittled down to about six and Sanders posted them for a vote.

“This was the look that received the majority of the votes,” he said.

“So far it’s been very positive. They’re professional, easy to spot; everybody’s been pretty pleased with it so far. Sometimes change is good.”

The black and gold coordinates with the navy-blue uniforms worn by officers and matches the color scheme of the department’s seal adorning officers’ sleeves, he said.

The cost for the change is about $25,000. Sanders said he had to reorganize the budget to cover the facelift but the new decals are vinyl and are guaranteed to last five years.

“The weather down here has a bad habit of beating stuff up with the wind and the dry heat,” he said.

Master Trim of Clovis is applying the stripes and decals.

Sanders said he expects the department’s 45 vehicles — cars, SUVs, motorcycles and animal control vehicles — will be completed within two months.

Capt. Patrick Whitney said the first cruiser was completed Friday.