Letter to the editor: Student should have stayed home

Student should have stayed home

I am a Clovis High School alumni, proud of the football team, the Wildcadettes and the band.

I have a senior in band this year.

When I was in school, we were expected to display a certain amount of respectful school spirit, which included respect for others sitting near you at school events.

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little school spirit. In fact, at last Friday’s home football game I noticed several seniors sporting the shirtless purple-painted chests and many students wearing purple Wildcat shirts — the same kind of school spirit I remember as a student.

It only takes one, however, to spoil the mood.

I have reserved seats close to the student section. I don’t normally have a problem with this as most of the kids are respectful to all parties involved.

But one individual last Friday showed a great lack of sportsmanship. It was halftime and the band was in place, ready to proudly perform in support of their school. As the first notes of the soloist began to fill the air, this individual rudely shouted an obscenity so loudly that several rows of spectators were able to hear.

I told the young man he should be quiet, and if he didn’t like how they sounded, perhaps he should join them and maybe they’d improve. It was also nice to observe that several students let him know they were not happy with his lack of school spirit.

The CHS band has won many awards due to hard work and dedication. There are 180 members this year who are putting in long hours of work to proudly represent CHS. They deserve respect.

If people can’t maintain school spirit toward all the activities centered around CHS football games, my advice is they should stay home.