10-2 view from under the pew

the broken-hearted beetle

boss pastor leroy had
a guest speaker during
services last week in
the church pew

the speaker turned out
to be londa the ladybug
missionary who had
traveled overseas to
witness to the bugs
bees birds and beetles

while there she met a
an elderly japanese
beetle who wanted to
give her heart and soul
to jesus

londa wanted to help
her with her decision
but didn t want to create
any anxiety distress or
embarrassment for her

so instead of asking
difficult theological
questions londa placed
one of her little
ladybug arms around
the old japanese
beetle and gently said
tell me a story about

joy the japanese
beetle s little face
lit up as she began
the simple recital
of her faith

she told about how
jesus was born of a
young virgin how he
was filled with the
spirit of god
tempted in the
wilderness taught
thousands of people
fed the five thousand
healed the sick lame
and blind
raised the dead to life
and told wonderful
parables about god s
kingdom and life

but then boss she came
to the midnight prayer
throes of jesus in the
garden and the betrayal
kiss the arrest by the
temple soldiers and
the mock trial of the
son of god in the
courts of men

as she spoke about
the crown of thorns
the whipping of his
back with the
and his collapsing
under the weight of
the cross along the
via dolorosa

joy the japanese beetle
began to weep and for
a long time couldn t
speak at all boss

she was about to tell
how they drove the nails
into his hands and his
feet but she couldn t
talk any more
she began to sob

finally joy was able to
compose herself and in a
tearful broken voice
she just murmured – i
can t tell that part
it breaks my heart –

boss i don t know how
others may feel but
sometimes in my own
little mousy way i find
myself becoming hard and
calloused about what jesus
did for me

part of the revival we
need in the church pew
underworld is a heart like
joy s – one broken with
the thought of jesus
suffering and dying on
our behalf