10-4 Club notes

PRMC Auxilians

Plains Regional Medical Center Auxilians attending the Annual New Mexico Auxiliary/Volunteer service meeting in Albuquerque, Sept. 16, 17 and 18 were Ida Chandler, Norma Nagle, Frances Atkins-Boney, Robbie Williams, Phyllis Davidson, Joy Melton, Frances Rhoden, Mary Kay Nabholz, Helen Masters, Paula Jackson, Dorothy Bean and Rita Bumgarner.

theme was A Symphony From The Heart.

Speakers were Rich Umbdenstock, President of American Hospital Association, Marianne Cramer, Steve Sink, APD, Maxine Roberson and Lee Smith, Hospice from Clovis.

Entertainment was Juliet Funk, daughter of Allen Funk creator of Candid Camera. She and her husband have CO-founded the Young Stars Project.

Friday Morning was the Memorial Service and farewell address from Anne Felton, out-going president.

Installation of new officers by Betty Pfeiffer and Becky Diaz.

President Linda Round-Nichols; President-Elect Paula Johnston; Secretary Peggy Broersma and Treasurer Lee Ann Smith.