Civil suit filed against former Tucumcari parole, probation supervisor

Freedom New Mexico

A civil lawsuit filed by a Tucumcari woman against a former state parole and probation supervisor accuses him of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Diana Cassidy, a state employee, alleges Benjamin Rex Allison, also of Tucumcari, used racial slurs against herself and clients and made inappropriate sexual remarks.

Cassidy said Allison would mispronounce Spanish surnames on purpose to insult his co-workers and several clients.

As examples, the suit alleges Allison would pronounce Armijo “Army Joe” and Jaime “Jay Mee” even when he was corrected by co-workers.

Allison frequently referred to Cassidy as an “Oreo,” stating that she was “dark on the outside, but white on the inside,” according to court documents.

Efforts to reach Allison for comment weren’t successful. His telephone listing in Tucumcari is no longer working. He resigned Nov. 14.

Department of Corrections officials did not return multiple phone calls seeking comment.

The suit filed Oct. 6 in Quay County District Court, includes Allison and the New Mexico Department of Corrections as defendants.

Cassidy charges the department failed to discipline Allison despite numerous complaints filed by herself and other co-workers.