God cares for all creations, down to smallest

By Judy Brandon: Religion columnist

My sister who lives in Rochester, Minnesota, tells me about an amazing sight every year about now.

Thousands upon thousands of Canada geese migrate from the north to stay in Rochester for the winter. While many geese stay there, some head even further south into southern states.

Any visitor to Rochester in the winter is amazed at the thousands of Canada geese in the parks and close to the Zumbro River.

I have always been fascinated with bird migration. In the fall when I see their “v” patterns in the sky and hear them honking as they head south, I again realize what a sight this is to behold.

According to Frederick C. Lincoln’s “Migration of Birds,” birds have their own navigation system and have the ability to navigate hundreds and hundreds of miles.

Such is the Arctic Tern. It is hard to believe, but the Arctic Tern really does migrate the distance from Arctic breeding grounds to Antarctic seas.

Even more amazing is the little ruby-throated hummingbird. Even though it weighs only about a much as penny, it makes the 24-hour flight across the Gulf of Mexico. That little bird flies from the Yucat