First person: Clovis nurses aid honored

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Rudy Apodaca, 55, has been a certified nurses assistant for seven years. He said he likes his job because he likes helping people.

Rudy Apodaca was named home health aid of the year by the New Mexico Association for Home and Hospice Care. Apodaca has been a certified nurses aid for the past seven years.

Helping at home: I assist people who have to stay at home for medical reasons. I assist with showers, helping them in and out of bed, dressing, cooking if I have to, eating and vitals. I just help with medical help at home. My patients are between 3 and 82 years old. I have six patients at the moment.

And the award goes to…: We went to a banquet in Albuquerque and in that room with that great group of people, I didn’t feel special. I just do my job. It was an honor, definitely. If my mom was alive, she would be happy. She’s the reason I became a nurse’s assistant.

Work enjoyment: I love my job. I like that I can be there to assist them with any need they have. I love to make them laugh. I treat them like family and they treat me like family. I just like helping people who need help.

A man for all jobs: I worked at nursing homes before. I’ve worked in construction, been self employed and have worked on the railroad. I’ve done a little bit of everything, basically labor work. This kind of work is not as much work, but I have to be careful with clients. I just treat them the way I wanted to be treated.

Handy man: If it was warm outside, I’d be working outside in my yard. I like to help people basically. I like to volunteer.