Crusade against global warming losing support

Freedom New Mexico

The Obama administration has declared greenhouse gases to be harmful pollutants, arming the government to wage war by administrative decree on the presumed threat of global warming.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s pronouncement Monday is troubling. It could well foreshadow economy-crimping, freedom-denying, Draconian controls.

It’s doubtless also meant to prod Congress, where a legislative approach has stalled.

Either approach would result in what U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue described as, “a top-down, command-and-control regime that will choke off growth by adding new mandates to virtually every major construction and renovation project.”

Washington effectively now can impose by fiat what Congress has refused to do by legislation. The Australian Parliament has rejected a greenhouse-gas cap-and-trade scheme similar to the one languishing in the U.S. Senate.

The U.S. government diktat may signal global warming zealots’ desperation to force lifestyle changes by converting everyone from relatively inexpensive fossil fuels to less-practical alternatives. We suspect this is more about collecting fees and taxes than controlling climate. We’ll see which occurs sooner.

Polls, meanwhile, show fewer than half of Americans believe global warming is caused by man, and substantially fewer believe it’s harmful. This declining public support predated recent leaks of thousands of secret e-mails and documents from the U.K.’s East Anglia Climate Research Unit that suggest climate scientists manipulated or distorted data to justify global-warming regulations.

Perhaps the most telling sign global warming zealotry is losing steam is the near certainty that this week’s 192-nation summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, will produce only nonbinding promises to reduce greenhouse gases, and not binding agreements.