Tuesdays with Tom: Udall discusses freshman amendment package to health reform and updates REAL ID

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tom Udall, D-NM, today talked with radio reporters from around the state about topics including a package of amendments he introduced with 10 other freshman senators that would broaden and accelerate efforts to encourage innovation and lower costs for consumers across the U.S. health care system. He also gave an update on his work to clarify the REAL ID Act for New Mexicans and discussed the situation in Afghanistan following the President’s remarks last week. To listen to the audio, click here.

Below is a time key of Senator Udall’s remarks:

00:00 – Udall opens the conversation with remarks about a Freshman Amendment Package to health care reform legislation that he helped introduced today that would contain costs and decrease excess spending in the health care system. Highlights one provision in particular to expand care to rural communities that are medically underserved. He also gives an update on his work to clarify the impact of REAL ID on New Mexicans.

05:18 – Talks about ongoing discussions surrounding the public option provision of health reform as debate on the larger bill continues.

09:18 – Discusses the Nelson-Hatch Amendment. Says he supports current law.

11:52 – Gives his thoughts in response to the President’s speech last week on Afghanistan.

16:46 – Says he is still working to make sure the dairy industry is stable as prices begin to recover.

17:45 – Clarifies problems with REAL ID and says he believes the situation will be resolved soon.

19:25 – Explains ways to increase the amount of doctors in rural communities.